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To commission a bespoke suit is the epitome of sartorial luxury. Every aspect of the garment from the fabric to the style is customised and tailored for your unique body. With a virtually unlimited choice of fabrics and style, there is no limitation except your imagination. Any unique creation is possible - from designing your own fabric to printing a customised lining, you can play designer, or you can sit back and let us create a masterpiece for you, enjoying the elegance and style that has come to represent British tailoring.


With over 400 years of accumulated experience on Savile row, our master cutters and tailors take care of ensuring a perfect fit creating the ultimate collaboration of design and craftsmanship.


Our bespoke suits are made without compromise
by the best craftsmen in Savile Row. All garments are cut and made in workshops in the west end of London.


Suits from £3,790 (excluding VAT)

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