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Perhaps the most critical part of the bespoke suit is the cutting. A good cut is central to how the final garment will look when finished. Using a marriage of technique and art, the cutter will combine his measurements and observations with the desires and wishes of the customer to arrive at the perfect garment.


Cutting is a skill that takes many years to perfect, perhaps that is why so few in the world ever reach the level of head cutter. Even with a complete knowledge of the technical skills required to interpret measurements into a pattern, one needs many more years of experience on the job to truly master all that is required to produce a garment at the highest level.


Our head cutter, John McCabe has been in the tailoring trade for over 50 years and has an unrivalled wealth of experience which very few tailors in the world can match. He is able to assess a customer's stance and 'figuration' at a glance and utilising over 20 measurements, translate his observations into a paper pattern that is accurate from the start. The first fitting is produced from this pattern and the importance of a good beginning to the suit making process cannot be over-emphasised as it eradicates the need for extra fittings and alterations.


John's knowledge and experience enables him to cut superb garments that enhance the customers figure, no matter what shape.


Within the Savile Row community his reputation is unsurpassed and his renown continues to grow amongst connoisseurs of tailored garments.

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