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Genuine handmade suits have every stage of their making done completely by hand.
Here we highlight various steps taken by our craftsmen in constructing a genuine handmade suit.

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  • Selection of fabrics

    Our sales associates help you in selecting fabrics and styles.

  • Measuring

    The cutter measures you taking over 35 measurements accounting for your posture.

  • Pattern

    An individual paper pattern is created exclusively for you.

  • Fabric pattern

    The pattern is laid out and chalked onto the fabric.

  • Cutting the fabric

    The fabric is cut 'one way' by hand.

  • The bundle

    A 'bundle' is prepared for your garment which includes the canvas and trimming to send to the coat-maker.

  • Baste

    A 'baste' is prepared for your first fitting.

  • After first fitting

    After the first fitting, the baste is taken apart, the pattern is remarked and the garment is remade.

  • Second fitting

    You are invited back for a second fitting.

  • Final adjustments to the suit

    Final adjustments are made and the suit is finished.

  • Tailor finishes the suit

    Your suit is ready for collection!

  • Suit pattern stored

    Your personal suit pattern is stored for possible future use.

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