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The Whitcomb & Shaftesbury label which is placed discretely inside the right inside breast pocket of every jacket certifies that the garment has been handmade entirely by Whitcomb & Shaftesbury at every single stage, ensuring that quality has been foremost in the creation of our clothing.


We believe that truly outstanding clothes are originally and independently manufactured. Our own workshops make the garments from the initial paper pattern to the cutting of the cloth and the final stitch of the linings. Quality is constantly monitored by a very experienced team of tailors and production is carefully controlled to ensure that no work is rushed in any way. Each item is hand made by a small team of experienced and highly trained artisans who chose to work with us because they love making beautiful garments by hand.


We only work with the very best materials available, carefully selecting and choosing our suppliers. Our fabrics are supplied by the very best English and Italian mills whose commitment to excellence in the production of their goods is renown.
Similarly stringent standard applies to dealing with our trimming merchants and we take great care to ensure that our supply of coat and collar canvases, buttons and threads are the very best available in the trade. We truly believe that a garment is only as good as its weakest link, and any compromise in materials will result in a final product that will fail to do justice to the workmanship that went into creating it.


In keeping with our manufacturing ethos, we design and control every possible element in house. Every detail, from the shape of the collar and the position of the buttons to details like a unique lining in the jacket or leather piping in our pockets is carefully thought of and discussed with our customers before they are realized in the final garment. The result is clothing that is never generic, but original and motivated solely by quality, performance and great design.


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